What to do?

The vacation apartments of the Katermeerhoeve are the ideal starting point to explore the region, by bike or on foot.

The new mine site be-MINE is definitely worth a visit. You can take a guided tour by ex-miners at the mine museum, for more adventure there is the adventure mountain on the “terril” or my swimming paradise where in the future you will find a gigantic diving tower.

A walk through the “mijncité” with a multicultural snack trip and a visit to the mine cathedral, the Fatih mosque and the parc of the director will give you an impression of the hospitality, delicacies and architecture of the multiple nationalities in the mining area.

Are you in for an interesting company visit in the neighborhood? Some possibilities:

To enjoy the beauty of nature you can visit the “Watersnip” with special hikes for children, the recreation resort “‘t Fonteintje” and the domain the “Paalse Plas” with the “Millenniumgolf”.

With that much nature you can make beautiful walking and bicycle tours. The three provinces route, the junction system and the different hiking trails offer plenty of possibilities. Various maps are available for free.

Would you like to explore the region, but you are not so active? You can make tours with electrical scooters and grab a bite on the way.

The be-MINE boulevard is the place to be for shopping. Given our location Liège (60km), Brussels (60km), Antwerp (60km), Hasselt (20km) and Maasmechelen Village (40km) are easily accessible.

After so many activities and experiences everyone is hungry. There are several restaurants in the proximity: Bistro Belge at 300m, Paal 26 at 800m or EdiVero, a topsportrestaurant near bike valley at 1000m. Enjoy your meal!